Why Hollowbuild a Fly Rod?

It's not just about weight.......

   The proprietary system I have developed to hollowbuild my fly rods uses the physics of mass and acceleration to enhance the inherent vitality of a rod taper. True, the rods weigh less but much more important is the loss of dead weight in a taper where it can muddy the feel of the rod. Properly executed hollowbuilding brings a bright and fresh feel to the action of many rods.

   There is no standard 'cookie cutter' pattern for the hollowing of my fly rods. That is to say each model and size of fly rod has had a unique pattern of hollows and solid portions developed to enhance that particular rod developed over many years of practical experience.


There are three types of rods that could be hollowed:

1) A Classic taper fly rod that would benefit from hollow construction.

2) A Thramer designed taper that has been specifically designed to benefit from the hollowbuilding process.

3) Tapers that would not benefit from hollowbuilding. These rods are not harmed by the process but there is little to no added benefit. I do not offer these rods in hollow version.

A hollow built rod is lighter in weight. They are also superior in performance;  they will cast further and cast in close with greater authority.