Why All The Fuss Over Varnish?

And Why Should I Care?

> A valid question in your mind as a purchaser of a Thramer rod would be, "why does he bother to make his own varnish instead of usingan over the counter product like almost every other maker."

> The ultimate goal of any maker should be to have the varnish have no effect at all on the action of the rod. You can alter a rod to the point of being an insipid parody of it's intended action by:

     >>Putting too much varnish on a rod. Ideally the varnish should be smooth, durable attractive and as thin as

         possible to achieve these goals.

     >>Putting on a full marine spar, aka: a 'long oil' varnish, as its name implies a full marine spar contains a lot of

         unmodified oil in its composition to make it extremely flexible. The result for a rod purchaser is that the

        varnish never truly fully cures, it remains soft and sleeves the rod in a deadening overcoat that can

        significantly change the action of the rod. The advantage is that the varnish can be rubbed out to a beautiful

         but delicate finish if the builder has not learned how to lay down smooth coats of varnish initially.

   >>Putting on an interior grade of varnish, aka: a 'short oil' varnish. These varnishes have little in the way of

       unmodified oils and become rather brittle over time. They do not have the disadvantage of altering the rods

       as long as the finsish is kept thin. They do not protect the rod from damaging UV light and can lead to an early

       breakdown in the finishes integrity leading to a frequent need to refinish the rod.

   >>A 'mid oil' varnish would seem to be the perfect compromise. These are the varnishes that I started using in 

       the 70's. They have long since disappeared from the market due to the preponderance of varnishes made

       for the 'big box stores' marketed to an uninformed consumer base and the effect of air quality regulations

       from the EPA and CARB that made many of the specialty varnishes unprofitable to keep in production.

   >> These 'mid oil' varnishes offer the perfect compromise between the two types of varnish that are commonly

        seen on the market. They have little effect on a rods action and have a long service life.

>Thramer rods feature my own custom made mid oil varnish. The varnish is smooth, thin, offers complete protection, has proven to be very durable and long lived (>20yrs at the present moment), has little effect on a rods action and is available only on Thramer built rods.

Every detail in the construction of a Thramer rod has been carefully considered to yield the very best fishing instrument, in every detail, that it is possible to make. No detail is too small to be overlooked in my quest to provide you with the finest and most carefully thought out rods available on the market today.... at ANY price.