Example of Custom Work Available - Double slide band seat, koa and ebony. wrapped in transparent blood red
Same rod showing requested signature wrap

2 piece rod with customer requested cigar grip

4 piece rod with customer requested all cork reelseat and olive transparent wraps. The two grips are a cigar on the upper auxiliary handle and a half wells on the main rod butt section

Signature Cosmetics, Pics and Models Available

Model Codes Explanation

Example: 7652DH

The first two digits are the length of the rod, in this case '76' = 7ft 6in or 7 1/2ft

The next digit is the recommended line weight, in this case '5' = a 5 weight rod

The next digit is the number of sections the rod has, in this case '2' = a 2 piece rod

The first letter is the taper type designation, in this case a 'D' = a dry fly taper rod

The last letter designates a hollow or solid built rod, in this case a 'H' = a hollow built rod

Dry Fly Rods - Code D

These tapers are my most popular because they are so much more than a simple dry fly only rod. These rods are very user friendly, durable, adaptable to almost any fishing situation and have a bright crisp action without being harsh or too stiff. In constant production for almost thirty years many hundreds of anglers use these rods daily around the world.

Cosmetics and Models Available

These rods are flamed, have blued ferrules and downlock reelseat hardware over a koa filler, are wrapped in vintage antique gold silk. You can choose a screw lock or slide band reelseat reelseat, a cigar or half wells grip and carboloy or agate stripping guide. Suggested tipping colors are green, red or black.

Models: 6632&6633, 7032&7033, 7042&7043, 7632&7633, 7642&7643, 7652&7653, 7932&7933, 7942&7943, 7952&7953, 8032, 8042&8043, 8052&8053, 8063, 8332, 8342, 8352&8353, 8653

Steelhead/Salmon/Streamer Rods - Code S

These are a set of tapers I worked out for the local salmon and steelhead over thirty years ago. They are fuller working than the dry fly rods with the power to turn larger fish and handle heavier tippets. They are excellent roll casting rods. Also recommended for use out of a float tube for lakes and rivers, drift boat fishing, areas where high winds are often encountered and for use in Alaska.

Cosmetics and Models Available

These rods are flamed and have black anodized uplocking threaded reelseat with a koa insert, carboloy stripping guide, blued heavy duty ferrules, 1/2" longer grips and are wrapped black silk. You can choose a half or full wells grip. Suggested tipping colors are red, white, tan or none. A fixed 1" fighting butt is an additional $75.

Model 6663 in solid or hollow construction

In Hollow Built Construction Only:

Models: 8062, 8653, 8663, 8673, 8683, 8973, 8983, 9073, 9083

Wet Fly Rods - Code W

These rods feature a classic full working medium slow action and recommended for wets and streamers and of course for all anglers who prefer a slower and more deliberate action. They excel at roll casting and guiding sunk flies. This was my first set of original tapers and date from about 1980. I was not happy with the somewhat 'limp' feel many of these rods had so i worked up a set of tapers that was more modern in feel and capability but still in keeping with the tradition of the full working wet fly rod.

Cosmetics and Models Available

These rods are available with a screw lock or slide band reelseat in either up or down lock configuration. They have flamed cane, blued ferrules and reelseat components, your choice of grip style, carboloy or agate stripping guide and are wrapped in green silk. Suggested tipping colors are black, yellow or none .

Models: 7042, 7043, 7642, 7643, 8052, 8053, 8653, 8663

Specialty 4 piece Rods - Code T

These 4 rods have been exhaustively developed and tested to offer uncompromising performance in a 4 piece configuration. Each model converts from the 4 piece version to a shorter 3 piece version that is one line weight lighter with the included auxiliary handle. You in effect have two rods in one short easy to transport package. These are custom made rods and so each is individually tailored and constructed. These rods are always hollow built. Wraps and tipping colors are up to the buyer.

Models: 8664T/7853T Combo, 8654T/7843T Combo, 8054T/7343T Combo, 6834T/51123T Combo