What is the Thramer Rod Philosophy?

and What Does It Look Like?

Simply put the Thramer rod is a classically built and styled rod inspired by the great makers of the 30's and 40's and 50's.

That pretty well encapsulates what my rods ARE and I will expand on that a bit further down the page but for now how about a little bit about what they are NOT?

  • They are not made with wild combinations of colors
  • They are not made with discordant style elements
  • I will not compromise the rods ability to be a functional fishing rod
  • No wild stylized grips that are uncomfortable
  • No unsustainable materials are used in the manufacture of your fly rod

My rods feature:

  • Exclusive Triple tempering in all rod finishes that virtually excludes the problem of sets
  • In the hollow rods each hollowing pattern is individually designed to maximize the performance of that particular taper
  • In all Classic Tapers I have spent years perfecting the design elements of each rod, often by sending example rods to knowledegable dealers and individuals and working out those design elements. They are not simply 'internet' tapers regurgitated as this would almost always mean I would have missed the critical design elements that made each rod the classic it is.
  • Quality hard drawn and soldered ferrules that i make up in my own shop to carefully maximize either the original design elements of a Classic Taper or the performance of my proprietary tapers.
  • My proprietary tapers offer a unique level of performance and fishing utility that I have worked out over the last 3+ decades
  • The ability to participate in the design of your fishing rod. Since all operations that go into the rod are performed only by myself, from cane selection to the rod bag I can offer knowledegable guidance on how to achieve the look and feel you are trying to achieve.
  • Quality components are sourced to complete each rod from the premier suppliers in the USA, reelseats from Bellinger and Lemke(although I still do all my wood and cork fillers in shop), original NOS Mildrum carboloy or agate guides from Joe Arguello(I used to make my own but Joe's are superior to mine).
  • Practical, classic grip shapes turned on the blank from individual cork rings
  • Cork reelseat fillers that always feature a hardwood end section that, although unseen, is of critical importance in ensuring the long term durability of your rod
  • Top quality hard wire snake guides from a variety of suppliers to meld with the design elements of the rod.
  • Ferrules that fit smoothly without binding.
  • A durable rod bag that I have designed and sew myself.
  • A classic cloth hang tag with my name and rod information of the front and care instructions on the reverse .
  • Hard, durable, smooth, thin varnish of my own manufacture.
  • My long term commitment  to offer rods of exceptional design, worksmanship, durability and classic beauty combined with value unparalled in today's bamboo fishing rod market.
  • On time delivery that I believe respects your decision to purchase one of my fly rods.
  • Availability for consultation to decide if one of my fly rods is the right fit for you.
  • A simple elegance in execution that I believe does credit to those who came before me

Call me direct to discuss your next fly rod

(541) 285-4319

If I don't pick up it is because I am in the middle of something, leave a message and I WILL return your call!