New Leonard 49DF Taper Rod

This is a new rod built for a shop in 2014 that has since closed its doors. Although considered new because it was unsold it has suffered some very slight hanger rash from being on display.

This is a solid built 4 wt  version of the Leonard 49DF 3 piece 2 tip fly rod. A nice medium Catskill dry fly action in a convenient 3 piece format.

Custom ordered with blued slide band hardware over a butternut reelseat filler, blued ferrules, bright guides, an agate stripping guide, wrapped in dark red, supplied with ferrule plugs and a brass cap rod tube

$1100.00 ppd in the US. E mail for quote for overseas delivery

What's up for Winter 2015/16 in the Thramer Rod Shop

 Winters are the time that I use to come up with new ideas, creative new rods and more research about classic builders and their tapers.That occupies the time that was spent on the river and golf course during the spring/summer/fall. In the meantime I still make rods and I am in the mood for some more Paynes, Youngs and a Heddon or two. Heddon tapers being vastly under rated IMHO. This is also an excellent time to talk to me about that special rod you have been thinking about . 

New Leonard 50DF Taper Rod

This is a custom made rod from the same shop as the 49DF

Again a new rod that has some minor hanger rash from being on display.

The rod is fitted out to be a twin to the 49DF described above

The Leonard 50DF has rightly earned a reputation as one of the world premier all around rods and was instrumental in cementing the Leonard shops reputation as an elite maker of fly rods in the world.

This is a solid built 3 piece 2 tip rod for a 5wt line. As close to a do anything rod as you can devise.

$1100.00 ppd in the US. Overseas please contact me for a shipping quote

New E.W.Edwards Autograph Deluxe Perfection Taper

    There is some history behind this rod and it begins in 2004 when a friend sent me the taper and his own casting notes for the rod. Other projects (and a broken collarbone) saw the rod notes buried under the usual piles of paper that we all seem to collect. I unearthed the taper/notes a couple of months ago when looking for something else (of course!) and I took some time to read the casting notes. Suffice it to say this person is extremely knowledgeable about older rods in their original form and his impressions of a rod are to be taken seriously. He rated this rod superior to the Payne 98 and the Leonard 38H in casting feel. I was eager to begin the rod right away but as things are when you are a full time builder customers rods take precedence so I put the project off until Christmas and plugged away at it intermittently after that. After wiggling the stick I was excited enough about what I felt to spend 3 weekend days completing the rod. The test cast verified every bit of what he had told me. It was snappier than a 98 and did not suffer the tip bounce so typical of many 38H tapers and so would continue to cast line long after a 38H. All of this without even a hard edge in the feel of the rod. A rod that deserved every bit of the accolades he gave it. Originally thought to be a 3wt, and it is quite capable with a 3 wt, both of us felt the rod reached its zenith with a 4wt. 

   I cleared my mind of all prior rods I made and simply built it as I wished to see it, in pipe making circles it would be called a freehand, something I hope he appreciates.

   The rod is a 7ft 2pc 2 tip solid built rod with light tiger flamed bamboo, I used a Garrison style node pattern to enhance the smooth seamless feel of the rod. The rod is simply wrapped in vintage antique gold thread that has been tipped in purple. A Koa reelseat filler combined with blued Bellinger Payne style hardware, a set of my own blued step down ferrules completes the elegant look of my rendition of this fabulous taper.

   Supplied with mirror matched tips, rod sock and aluminum tube.

$1150 ppd in the US, others at cost SOLD