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Site Updated 02/01/2017

I am not accepting any orders until I complete those on my retirement build list which is completely sold out. All gone. None left. After that my rodbuilding will be confined to what I want to build if and when I want to build anything. I will be a hobbyist. If you want to know if I build something you need to send an E-MAIL. No phone calls please, I no longer have the time to return them all due to the volume and because of my new (somewhat unexpected) employment. I am quite happy to answer questions about used rods and let you know what is in my inventory both used and new but only via e mail. I am still here and love rods, rodmaking, flyfishing and those who enjoy cane rods but I simply have encountered unexpected restraints on my time. Some production rodbuilding equipment and supplies will be sold off. If there is a specific request let me know. Off to the rivers, streams and lakes I will go.....hope to see you there.


AJ Thramer Bamboo Rod Co.

Unparalleled Quality and value Since 1981

Since learning the craft of cane rod building in the early 1980's I have had one goal, to supply the highest quality bamboo rods to the bamboo community at a fair price. The goal has always included innovation in efficient construction methods and cutting edge taper design. Since 2000 I have combined this with new methods of hollow bamboo rod construction that has dramatically improved their performance envelope. 

   The result of this continuing pursuit of refining my craft has yielded rods that offer value, performance and beauty.