Classic Young Taper Rods

The Young taper rods have probably the most rabid following of any single maker. His was a unique view on what made a rod. It was based almost exclusively on how the rod fished. He seemed to care little for anything extraneous to that single minded goal.

His rods can be divided into two groups, the 'para' series that embodied his take on the parabolic taper. It is hardly arguable that Young rods became synonymous with the parabolic rod. He also offered a series of what I call the 'named rods' that were less parabolic but still distinctive in taper style to Young.

Young rods do NOT benefit very much from hollowbuilding

My Young Taper rods feature darkly flamed cane, blued swiss style ferrules, black anodized down lock screwlock hardware or slide band hardware over a cork filler. They are wrapped in antique gold, spice tan or black.

All rods offered from Young are 2 piece

Para Models

Para 14 - 7ft 9in 5wt

Para 15 - 8ft5/6wt - available with 2 dry tips, 2 wet tips or 1 wet and 1 dry tip

Para 16 - 8 1/2 ft 6/7wt

'Named Models'

Midge - 6ft 3in 4wt

Driggs - 7ft 2in 5wt - Powerful pocket rod

Perfectionist - 7 1/2 ft 5wt - as it says, perhaps one of the most pleasant all around trout rods

Martha Marie Perfectionist - 7 1/2 ft 4wt - A unique taper rod that Paul made for Martha, this rod never disappoints

Martha Marie - 7 1/2 ft 6wt