Thomas Mahogany

Standard Thomas Configuration

Thomas Mahogany Rod - Note the standard flamed cane included for color comparison

Thomas Mahogany

Classic FE Thomas Tapers

The FE Thomas tapers are, in my opinion, the final refinement of the Catskill dry fly rod. Although having gained some popularity over the last decade they are still underrated. Refined actions and subdued cosmetics, these rods combine some of the best characteristics of Leonard and Payne.


Thomas Rods are now available in a Mahogany finish - see pictures belowfor an example - There is a $200 surcharge for the Mahogany rods due to the additional work the proprietary procedure requires. Limited Availability - Please Call

All FE Thomas rods 7ft and over hollow very well.

My FE Thomas Taper rods have flamed cane, are wrapped in fiery brown silk, blued Thomas style ferrules. There are several reelseat grip combinations.

1) Blued downlock nickel silver slide band and a cigar grip

2) Thomas style aluminum down lock screwlock with a cigar grip

3) Thomas style aluminum uplock screwlock with a reverse half wells

Any of the above can be ordered with either a Spanish cedar or walnut

2 Piece Models

6 1/2 ft 5wt - A powerful rod, kind of a banty streamer rod.

6ft 8in 3wt - The best 3 wt Classic Taper Rod

7ft 3wt - Another excellent 3wt from FET

7 1/2ft 5wt

8ft 5wt

3 Piece Models

7 1/2 ft 3 wt

7 1/2ft 4wt - A superior example of the FE Thomas feel

7 1/2ft 5 wt

8ft 4wt

8ft 5wt

8 1/2 ft 5wt

9ft 7wt Streamer