Special Project

Classic Taper Series Rods

Why Build Classic Taper Rods?

In consultation with a retired rod dealer we hatched the idea in 2001of building rods that featured accurately derived tapers and cosmetics suggestive of original Golden Era rods that we appreciated. These rod were becoming quite rare to find in fishable condition even in 2001 and we thought that perhaps they should be spared the rigors and dangers of regular use. The Classic Taper Series was born. These rods were never intended to be counterfeits, but accurate as to taper design and suggestive as to cosmetics. The idea has succeeded beyond either of our imaginations and like all great ideas became instantly popular with almost every current rodmaker now making some version of the classic taper rod. 

Why a Thramer Classic Taper Rod?

I still hold to my initial mission of offering a taper only AFTER it has thoroughly tested and vetted to be like the original in feel. There is no such thing in the Thramer shop of simply taking an 'internet taper' and offering it up to the public. These tapers have been carefully vetted and compared with known examples so in my opinion they accurately reflect the personality of the original. In the process I have learned an unimaginable wealth of knowledge about the ideas behind many of the Golden Era builders. Each emphasized a different aspect of the building process, that aspect often told much about the personality of the original craftsman. One feature of building has been a constant thread throughout all of the builders I have delved into, they were practical men.

Accuracy in the  tapers, accuracy in ferrule style, accuracy in feel. All hallmarks of the Thramer Classic Taper Rods

Leonard Taper in Parmacheene Style

The Results of a Craftsman's Labor is Expressed in the Product Created.