Leonard Classic Taper Models

The Leonard rods I have chosen to build all have one characteristic in common - they are excellent dry fly rods with a light tippy feel. It is a unique feel that has captivated anglers for a century.

My Leonard taper rods are available in two models, the Blond standard series and a flamed Hunt series. the Hunt rods were initially a different set of tapers for Leonard but eventually changed into a cosmetic difference in the rods. I have maintained the cosmetic standard.

Standard Pattern: Blond cane wrapped in red, bright Leonard style ferrules and bright down lock nickel silver slide band or screwlock reelseat hardware over a butternut filler and a cigar grip.

Hunt Pattern: Flamed cane wrapped in dark red, blued Leonard style ferrules, blued down lock nickel silver slide band hardware or bright Leonard style screwlock hardware over a walnut filler and a cigar grip.

Leonard 'Tan Wrap' - I have a very limited supply of the original thread used for these pre fire Leonard rods. Add $100

Most Leonard Rods Hollowbuild beautifully, the Exceptions are Noted Below

2 Piece Models

#36H - 6ft 3wt - Solid Only

#37H - 6 1/2ft 4wt - Solid Only

38H - 7ft 4wt

#39DF - 7 1/2ft 5wt

3 Piece Models

#48H - 7ft 4wt

#49DF - 7 1/2ft 5wt

Bergman Leonard - A reproduction of Bergmans 7 1/2 ft Leonard - 5wt - A superb Dry Fly Rod

#50DF - 8ft 5wt - Leonard's best seller for decades

Special Order Parmacheene Leonard

Custom Bergman/Leonard, Leonard tan silk trimmed red, Bellinger Leonard slide band hardware over a butternut filler, vintage carboloy stripping guide and special order grip

Bergman Leonard