Heddon Classic Taper Rods

Heddon made rods from low middle quality to the very finest rods available. Their tapers are among the most underrated in the bamboo world, respected but never put on the same plane as Payne or Leonard. This is an error as they were among the finest tapers available. Rods in the Heddon line in grade #20 and above were assembled by skilled craftsmen. The highest grade, the #50 President was among the best rods available.

Heddon Rods Hollow Beautifully

I generally make the Heddon taper rods in the #50 President grade with cosmetics from the early 1930's. Antique gold tipped green, if that sounds familiar check my Signature page!

I make Heddon Taper Rods From Time to Time, Please Check the 'Inventory' Page for Availablity

I am happy to take rders for Heddon Taper Rods - Just call and ask!