Gillum Taper Classic Rod Models

Gillum rods are characterized by their unbridled power. Fast, aggressive and powerful they can be overwhelming. For those who desire vast reserves of power and seek out the most challenging gamefish these rods might be exactly what you are looking for.

My Gillum taper rods are flamed, are wrapped in copper bronze silk with the distinctive triple tipping at the grip and lower ferrules, most are best used with a Gillum like aluminum uplock reelseat over his choice of an African mahogany filler and a reverse half wells grip. I choose to use blued machined Leonard/Payne style of ferrule that was a part of the middle period rods.

All Gillum rods hollowbuild magnificently. Many of his rods are vastly improved by hollowbuilding.

2 Piece Models

6ft 4wt

7 1/2ft 6wt - some use this as a 5wt

8ft 6wt - this is a cannon of a rod and uses a custom ferrule to properly ferrule its unique taper design

3 Piece Models

7ft 4/5wt

7ft 9in 5wt - this is a more traditionally tapered dry fly design

8ft 6wt - need a bantam summer steelhead rod?

8ft 9in 8wt - the best of the light salmon steelhead rods, at home in the Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest and Alaska