Dickerson Tapers

Dickerson tapers fall into two distinct categories. The 2 pc rods that exhibit the quick aggressive feel that many have come to identify as the Dickerson feel and the 3pc rods that are much fuller working.

My versions of the 3 pc rods are faithful to the original and retain the smooth powerful action that they exhibited.

My versions of the 2 pc rods are also faithful to the original and as such are a bit different than the majority of Dickerson taper rods being sold today. My rods feature a part of the 2 pc Dickerson tapers that is usually changed by other builders. I retain the full ferrule drop in a Dickerson is key to the rod feeling like the original. this is often smoothed or averaged in other rods. The large drop Dickerson used is uncomfortable for those who grew up with the Garrison model of taper design. The Garrison model also carried through to the computer programs that some use to create or modify tapers. The averaging of the ferrule stations makes for a smoother rod but not one true to the original. It can be argued that the smoothing of the ferrule makes for a more user friendly feel but I have chosen to keep the original drop in my versions. The resulting feel is still fast and aggressive but has an added sharp feel that is easily distinguished when the two styles are compared side by side.

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3 pc rods

661510(a banty streamer rod!) a 5wt rod, 761510 a 4/5wt rod, 801510 a 5 wt rod, 861610 a 5wt rod, and a 861711 a 6wt rod

2 pc rods

6611 a 3/4wt rod, 7011 a 4wt rod, 7612 a 4/5 wt, 7613 a 5/6wt, 8013 a 5wt

Dickerson rods hollow extremely well, especially the 2 pc rods